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Platform-enabled TA transformation.
Custom Machine Learning Algorithms and Analytical Models for talent across Engineering,
Digital Transformation and Business Leadership delivering measurable business value.
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NLP tools search for the right attributes and capabilities of the candidates, going beyond technology skills and ensuring the right match with the requirements.

Machine Learning

Proprietary Algorithms that incorporate talent acquisition logic, ensure that the profiles are ranked and categorized across multiple competencies.

Graph Engine

Graph Database with proprietary data model to enable discovery through triangulation and insights across multiple dimensions of attributes.

Talent Analytics

Assists the mandate process in zeroing in on the right talent, early on in the search process, reducing significantly the probability of failures towards the end.

Drive Predictability

A Demand-aligned Talent Ecosystem created and maintained by Talengraph: a Cognitive cloud-based Talent Analytics Platform for Global Digital and Engineering Talent.

Reduce Cost of Hire

An Automated Sourcing & Screening engine that leverages NLP and proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms for continuous harvesting of digital and engineering Talent.

Better Talent Quality

An Artificial Intelligence driven Matching and Prioritization Engine that integrates with your current ATS and optimizes the fitment process of talent to the requirements.

Core Services

Talent Research

Insights into Talent across Technologies, Domains, Geographies and Roles, provided as a service to enable better TA planning.

Talent Advisory

Consulting Services to support the TA team to transform their processes towards better business alignment and reduced costs.

Talent Fulfillment

Program Managed execution of Talent Fulfillment needs across technology and leadership roles, coupled with value-added services.

Our Specializations

Some of the Talengraph enabled areas that can deliver measurable business value to your operations.

Product Engineering

Team ramp-up for product engineering companies across technology, domain and leadership roles globally.

Digital Transformation

Team ramp-up for digital transformation initiatives across key business processes for technology and leadership roles.

Diversity Management

Transforming the Talent Acquisition process to align with the Diversity goals of the organization.

Account Revenue Assurance

Aligning the TA process for revenue assurance in key accounts of professional services organizations.

CoE/Practice Build-out

Building out a Center of Excellence for Digital Transformation or Specific set of skills for leveraging globally.

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Global Center Build-out

Establishing and ramping up a Global Center for Digital Transformation or Engineering or Tech Delivery.

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