Technology Enabled Talent Acquisition

Technology Enabled Talent Acquisition

Posted 4 months ago


The HR sector today plays a significant role when it comes to organizational strategy, moving away from what was initially restricted to a more functional role. In addition, HR is witnessing technology led transformation much like other domains in the industry. With processes being increasingly data driven, this has given rise to tools and intelligent platforms that aim to increase productivity, agility and take decisions in real-time. However, as with any technology being implemented in a business process, its success lies in how well the technology is aligned to the process and how efficiently it can scale.


Team Productivity

In the context of Talent Acquisition, hiring the right talent in the right time will determine how quickly business operations can scale to meet key targets. Given that businesses today have to constantly work towards delighting their customers (and let's face it, the best candidates are like your best customers) it is crucial for teams to stay connected and engaged with them throughout the recruitment process, right from passive candidate engagement till onboarding. This is possible when teams have the right tools that can address processes that are routine and transactional (resume screening and chatbots for candidate queries) at their disposal which can then allow them to focus their efforts more towards delivering seamless candidate experiences.


Cost of Operations

One might be aware of costs incurred in HR. Traditionally, HR is widely regarded as being cost intensive. Let's consider sourcing as a sub-function under TA, some of the costs incurred such as vendor payouts and paid candidate databases can impact cost per hire figures and therefore, leveraging modern solutions with built in databases that help to create a curated warm bench of profiles could prove to be significantly cost efficient and considerably reduce the burden off internal recruiters which can then give them more bandwidth to engage with candidates.

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