An Introduction to Global Capability Centers

An Introduction to Global Capability Centers

Posted 7 months ago

Previously known as delivery centres, referring to a traditional model of IT services outsourcing, the evolution from merely a cost-effective proposition to one that increasingly grew in business value led to the coining of the term Global In-house Centers (GICs). However, over the last 5 years, this continued rapid evolution of GICs into technologically armed entities forging disruptive innovation has given rise to what is today known as Global Capability Centers (GCCs). "GICs are now the 'new' business-as-usual for companies and it is only apt to (re) christen them as Global Capability Centers (GCCs)" says Nasscom.

With technology being any change agent’s accomplice, GCCs are no different when it comes to adopting emerging technologies to innovate. From driving productivity and efficiency of processes to creating high-value offerings based on these technologies, GCCs are exhibiting unprecedented growth showing off their strategic capabilities to their parent organizations beyond a cost reduction standpoint.

India now has over 1300 GCCs home to nearly a million employees generating a revenue of $25 billion annually. With competencies ranging from IT to R&D/Engineering, GCCs are establishing a strong foothold in local ecosystems by providing local talent with an opportunity to work with new technologies alongside highly skilled professionals to lead transformation across multiple industries.

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