5 Quick Steps to Improve Employer Branding

5 Quick Steps to Improve Employer Branding

Posted 5 months ago

Candidates research companies for an average of 2 hours before applying for a job. They go through the careers page, check out social media pages, posts on review sites, jobs descriptions, etc. Because the amount of research has increased so much in the past few years, employer branding strategy has become more and more important within the overall recruitment process.

With such evolving scenarios, one thing that helps you keep up with your talent expectations is Employer Branding. It helps you keep up with the on-demand job market thereby creating more power and influence in the hiring process.

These are the 5 quick steps to improve Employer Branding

  • Attract Candidates A strong employer brand is important in helping your organization stand out from the crowd when it comes to attracting the top talent within your industry. Research also suggests that organizations who implement an effective employer brand have been able to cut their cost-per-hire in half and attract more than 3 times as many applicants per vacancy.
  • Hiring Process Recruitment plays an influential role in nurturing culture, ensuring right-fit talent is brought on board. Consider what type of culture you’re aiming to create. For example, 83% of millennials are actively engaged when they believe an organization fosters an inclusive culture and there are lots of things you can do as a recruitment team to make hiring more inclusive.
  • Retain Employees Instead of losing employees through downsizing or through attrition due to lack of opportunity, institute an effective re-deployment program that allows valuable employees to stay and find fulfillment within your organization - instead of leaving to find employment elsewhere. Effective re-deployment programs allow sustainability of employees.
  • Promote Make sure you cover all the touch points where your talent exists. Whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, make your impact in the right places. This tactic is especially valuable if you’re trying to hire in an area that’s outside your usual sphere.
  • Feedback Solicit feedback from consumers, candidates, and current employees to continuously optimize your employer branding best practices. Change and flow with the events around you, allowing your company to stay afloat amidst a sea of companies that are just as appealing to candidates.


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