GIC Value Delivery Methodology

Our proprietary GIC Value Delivery methodology, is not just about improving the operational metrics, but delivering measurable business value to the GIC. All of our engagements are supported by Research, Advisory & PMO Services and are typically structured to leverage the existing assets and culture to accelerate the ROI delivery.


A combination of workshops and studies to align the business objectives, ground the out-come expectations and base-line the SLAs.


Configure and Design the identified elements of the GIC and derive a plan for implementing the changes that is aligned to the objectives.


A robust PMO driven implementation process that engages the multiple stake-holders globally and deploys the changes, on-time and on-budget.


Migrating to Steady-state stage with the alignment of the organizational stake-holders and a smooth transition and hand-over of control.

Our Enablers

For a successful GIC operations, in addition to Talent, there are multiple other components that play a key role. The objective is to get them aligned to deliver measurable business value rather than just operational metrics. To enable this, our implementations are a combination of 4 key components:

Playbooks & Templates

Ready-to-use processes derived from Industry best-practices for jump-starting the GIC operations and optimal steady-state operations.

Partner Ecosystem

A network of players across talent, facilities, compliance, IT and other key functions that are required for jump-starting the GIC operations.

AI Platforms

AI enabled platforms that transform Talent Acquisition & Management, Innovation, Spend Optimization processes of the GIC.

Digital Innovation CoE

An operational Digital/AI CoE with tool stacks & frameworks for jump-starting the innovation journey of any GIC, irrespective of their maturity stage.

Program Management (PMO)

A winning process is only as good as its governance. Each client engagement is driven by a robust PMO set-up with custom governance process and its associated structure and relevant communications (progress reports & responsiveness). Coupled with Risk and Compliance guidelines, the GIC engagement process becomes more predictable without surprises.

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Engagement Options

Our client engagements are always consultative and leverages our AI platforms, playbooks/templates & ecosystem partners for delivering measurable business value to our clients. Flexible engagement options to suit the GIC maturity model of our clients.

Dipstick Assessments

Situation assessment studies (internal & market), along with the associated recommendations/plans aligned to the strategic intent of the GIC.

Point Engagements

Engagements focussed on fixing a specific challenge or problem faced by the GIC, delivering business value,  either as a out-come based or fixed cost models.

Assisted Build-out

Operational Build-out of the GIC, along with the associated talent &  technology, with the ownership retained by the client across multiple variables.


End-to-End ownership of the build-out and operational processes with the option of transferring the ownership of the assets to the parent at a later date.