In The Digital Economy, Winners Will Place People First

In The Digital Economy, Winners Will Place People First : At the recent annual gathering of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Fourth Industrial Revolution was one of the most-discussed topics by CEOs and heads of state who see the tremendous potential for digital technologies to add real value to industry and society. According to a WEF report, the cumulative value of digitization could reach $100 trillion over the next 10 years, underscoring the opportunity to create a promising future workforce where people and intelligent machines work together to improve how the world works and lives.

While there is much excitement about the opportunity, there is also a realization that all organizations are facing digital disruption and many are experiencing what we call a state of “digital culture shock.”  Many are overwhelmed by the pace and scale of digital disruption, and are unsure how to move ahead.  The secret ingredient is actually literally sitting within their organization – it’s their people.

By taking a people first approach, organizations can embrace disruption by empowering their people to continuously learn new skills and do more with technology, which can help improve how people work and create bigger and better outcomes for individuals, organizations and society at large.  This people first approach will give businesses unmatched capabilities to create fresh ideas, develop cutting-edge products and services, disrupt the status quo—and position themselves to win in the digital economy.

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Avinash Babu
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