Core Execution Components

Talent being the core differentiator for any technology centric organization, we believe that every organization has its unique TA process needs that would deliver business value. The key is to implement a solution that is aligned to the business objectives rather than just operational metrics. To enable this, our implementations are a combination of 4 key components:


Cognitive Talent Analytics Platform custom designed for Product Engineering and Digital Transformation Talent.

TA Consultants

Knowledgable TA Consultants who would program manage the engagement to align the platform and deliver business value.


A unique value delivery methodology that would base-line and track the value delivered across the TA transformation life-cycle.


An ecosystem of technology and operational partners, who can add value to the TA process across multiple geographies.

Value Delivery Methodology

Our TA Transformation methodology is not just about improving the operational metrics but delivering measurable business value to the organization. The Deployment does not disturb your investments in the technology assets for TA, but rather leverages them to accelerate their ROI.

Base-line the Process

Base-line the SLAs, costs, demand & demand patterns, etc. and firm up the business objectives.


Configure the sources, talent ecosystem, taxonomy and the custom TA logic of the organization.


Supervised Learning & Variable Corrections of the system to better align to the Business Objectives.


Track the business outcomes on an on-going basis and make necessary corrections for value delivery.


A winning process is only as good as its governance. Each client engagement is driven by a governance process with its associated structure and relevant communications (progress reports & responsiveness). Coupled with Risk and Compliance guidelines, the TA process becomes more predictable without surprises.

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Engagement Options

Our client engagements are always consultative and leverages our platform
Talengraph for delivering measurable business value to our clients. Flexible
engagement options to suit the TA maturity model of our clients.

Dipstick Assessments

Situation assessment studies (internal & market), along with the associated recommendations/plans aligned to objectives.

Point Engagements

From specific team ramp-ups to global technology ramp-up engagements either as out-come based or fixed cost models.

Assisted Build-out

Operational Build-out of the TA process, along with the associated talent &  technology, with the ownership retained by the client.


End-to-End ownership of the build-out and operational processes with the option of transferring the ownership to the client at a later date.